100% Pure Haul and Review – Video

100% Pure Haul and Review. All natural vegan green beauty

One aspect of green living is making sure my personal care and makeup products are all natural and non-toxic. 64% of the ingredients in products that we put on our skin get absorbed into our bloodstream within seconds of applying them. This is one of the main reasons I look for companies that don’t use parabens, synthetic fragrances, preservatives or dyes in the making of their products.

I want to buy from brands that are cruelty free and think about the impact their company has on the environment while looking for ways to lessen it. There are tons of brands that make all natural makeup products that perform incredibly well, so there’s really no reason to buy from brands that don’t uphold these values.

I know there can be a lot to weed through when it comes to finding great all natural brands. That’s why when I come across one I’m really happy with I want to share it with you, to help save you time and money.

100% Pure is a California based all natural makeup and body care company. I’ve heard a lot of good things about them and finally got to visit one of their shops here in San Diego. There were so many great looking products and it was awesome to get to try out colors and types before buying. I eventually narrowed it down and bought the below items. I’ve been using these items for the past two months and share my thoughts in this video.

I hope you enjoy this 100% Pure haul and review video I made for you. :)

The items I bought:

Let me know if you’ve ever heard of or use 100% Pure or if you have another all natural makeup brand you love that I should know about in the comments below.

Simply Alyson Peace & Love



*This post is not sponsored and I bought all these items with my own money. All the opinions here are my own…I keep it real around here.


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    1. Thanks Lori! You’re going to love being able to shop in their store. It’s so much fun, prepare your wallet, LOL!

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