3 Steps for Overcoming Overwhelm


As an environmentalist I often times find myself, trying to stay current with the state of our planet and become overwhelmed. Often the news is about land losing protection, species going extinct, or policy makers not standing up for the environment. I created this blog as a place where other environmentalist could come and take a break from the doom and gloom of the state of our planet and find ways to feel empowered by making small fun changes in our personal lives.

The past two months I have found myself overwhelmed by this blog, which was a new experience for me. I have truly been loving blogging and like other hobbies I wanted to find out more and learn to be better at it. Enter stage left, “Blog Overwhelm”. I would spend hours doing research about design, analytics, post ideas and blogging theory, then have no energy or time to actually blog! I woke up today and realized, I have been so sad not blogging this past month.  All this new information has been great, and I’m sure will prove useful in the future, but it has made me feel overwhelmed into inaction.

Below are the top three things I do to get out of overwhelm and back into action and living my life. Believe me I used all three today!

  1. Get Grounded: Put your feet in the grass. Drop the drama and do a true assessment about what the situation really is and not how you have been perceiving it (this sometimes needs outside help). Call on a friend and look at the situation with a fresh pair of eyes, it really makes a huge difference in finding solutions.
  2. Get into Action: Do something, do anything. Even the slightest bit of movement will help relieve some of the pressure you are feeling. One of my favorite quotes is “Done is better than perfect”. Perfectionism is just a form of procrastination, trying to make something perfect is just a way of putting off finishing it. If the state of our world has me down one of the most helpful actions I do is go to a service project.  I go out on a Saturday and pick up trash on the beach with other volunteers and feel empowered and happy to see other community members caring too.
  3. Drop the Overly Serious Outlook: Have some fun! Take a night off from worrying about whatever has you paralyzed by overwhelmed. Often times when we give ourselves a chance to step away and have some space from the situations or things that are stressing us out, we create the space for new and creative solutions to come in.

I hope you use even just one of these next time this state of mind as taken over. Let me know if overwhelm is something you struggle with and/or what you do to move through it.


2 thoughts on “3 Steps for Overcoming Overwhelm

  1. Gah, I know EXACTLY how you feel! Blogging is a lot of fun, but man, it takes it’s toll – no one tells you how much time you actually have to invest doing everything other than writing when you first start out!

    Your blog looks and feels great – it’s crisp and clean and I love the design. Can’t wait to come back for more!

    MJ x

    1. MJ Thank You so much, I really appreciate it :) It’s nice to hear from a fellow blogger that I’m not alone in feeling the joys and work involved with blogging. You blog looks great too! I love your makeup looks, they’re super creative and inspiring.

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