3 Tips for Setting Spring Time Intentions

Spring is here!

I can feel the energy in the air, can you? It’s stays lighter later each day and the warmer weather is calling all of us to spend more time in the sunshine. After a winter spent in doors, I feel like our bodies call out to spend time soaking up the sunshine, like the plants of spring emerging from the cold winter. The world (or Northern Hemisphere) is buzzing with energy and excitement for what Spring brings. I use this time of year to do several things. Of course I do some needed cleaning and clearing of my home but I also use the Spring time energy to check back in with the intentions I set for the year. Yup, you read that right those goals you set 3 months ago, the ones you maybe forgot about or have been putting off,  it’s not to late to put some energy towards them. There is still heaps of time to create the year you truly desire and you can use the energy of Spring to help!


Below are a few tips to help you reconnect and recommit to the year you want to create for yourself. Life moves fast and distractions are all around. There is no harm or shame in needing to recommit to the intentions you set. Truly there is no better time to do so then Spring. I secretly wish New Years Day was the fist day of Spring. Being surrounded by new birth and growth will inspire you to keep going for whatever it is you are desiring more of.

  1. Remember that gratitude is always key: This is not a time to beat yourself up for not being where you thought you were going to be by now; this is time to refocus and recommit to your original intention for the year. Giving thanks is a wonderful way to increase happiness, allowing us to have more energy and problem solve easier. So, no beating yourself up for not losing that weight or not starting that home/craft project you wanted to do this year. Be grateful that you have a body to take care of or that you have the inspiration for that project and go from there. You will feel so much better about your life and will most likely feel excited, happy and good about what you are wanting to do.
  2. Spend 5 minutes of uninterrupted time outside each day for one week: Use this time to refocus on your New Year’s intentions or set some new ones. Dedicating even this small amount of time to your life for yourself will not only radically transform your mood (you will likely become happier, more hopeful, more energetic, more grounded and less antsy) but you will also open yourself up to receive more guidance. We often spend all our time in our heads and not in our bodies trying to figure out how we are going to get from point A to point Z. Take a few minutes to slow down and tune in, often times a much easier and exciting idea will come to us when we make some space. So take sometime and open yourself up to the possibility. Doing so will make achieving your intentions easier and a lot less stressful.
  3. Set reminders on your phone (right now!) to help: Screenshot_2014-03-21-23-06-00Set a reminder for every day or once a week. This is a great way to check back in with your intentions. If your intention is to spend more time outdoors (this is one of mine) set an alarm to help you achieve it. Every week when I see my alarm go off I take that time, right then, to look at my schedule and find time to put it into my calendar. I’ll schedule a hike, or an after work walk on the beach or an evening bicycle ride around my neighborhood. If my week is too busy to squeeze in one of those activities I’ll make it a point for the week to spend 5 minutes of uninterrupted time outside with nothing but my thoughts and the fresh air. If it wasn’t for my phone reminding me every week of my desire I’m sure I would get swept up in the day to day and before you know it, June will be here and I will still be wishing I had more time outdoors. We have to take control our lives and make creating the life we want a priority…bottom line. If you don’t schedule it in, something else will takes it place.

I hope this inspires you to allow the Spring time energy all around to reignite you to create the year you are truly desiring and go for it!

Peace & Love,


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