4 Tips How to Connect to Nature When You Have No Time

Pink Flowers

Happy Spring everyone! I love the changing of the seasons. Regardless which season is changing it’s this neat time when everyone tunes into nature even if just for a moment and recognizes the change. Whether you noticed it because Google told you, you read it on your wall calendar or heard it on the radio, I think it’s just awesome. So many days go by with us not noticing what’s happening in the natural world around us and when the seasons change so do we.

I always feel happier and more grounded when I take time to tune in and spend time outdoors (camping and hiking are my favorite past times). Sadly I don’t get to go for a hike everyday and camping trips happen maybe once a month. Most days I feel short on time, like I’m sure you do too. I know that the more we dig into our never ending “to-do” list and shut out the natural world around us the more stressed and anxious we feel. So, in honor of Spring, I wanted to make a list of crazy easy effective things (that take no extra time to do) that will have you tuning into nature more than a couple times a month. These activities will having you feeling calmer, happier and more connected to the world around you. When I take a few extra minutes of a hectic day to do these few simple things, I feel like I gain heaps of time.

It would bring me so much joy to know you tried even one of these tips with the intention of tuning in and noticing the natural world around you. Let me know if you try any and what you think.

  1. Drive with the Windows Rolled Down: One, this makes any drive feel more lively which is always fun! Two, you can’t help but notice the temperature, weather and what it’s like outside when you’re feeling it rush across your skin. I enjoy this most while driving around the city not driving 65+mph on the freeway. ;)
  2. Look Up at the Night Sky and Find the Moon: Following the moon has been a total life saver for me this past year. When I’ve felt super stressed out, overwhelmed and disconnected from nature, because of living in a very busy part of the city, it would only take a few nights of noticing what phase the moon was in before I would begin feeling calm. It’s like connecting with something bigger than ourselves makes our personal problems not seem as big or overwhelming as they did before. I would always sleep better any night I did this so if you have trouble sleeping give this one a try.
  3. Park in the Back of the Parking Lot: Park towards the back and as you walk to the store notice the weather, the sky and the heat or cool of the day. Don’t pull out your phone and start checking Instagram (I write this mostly for myself). Take the 1 to 2 minutes to walk from the back of the parking lot to the store , soak up you surroundings, you will feel more present and therefore more happy. Looking up helps, so you’re not just looking at the cars as you pass. ;)
  4. Spot the Flowers: This is especially fun in the spring. Lots of bushes and trees are starting to sport pretty pink, white, yellow or purple flowers on them this time of year. It’s fun to start looking for them. Snap a photo of them and tag me in it, I’d love to see what you find, I mean who doesn’t like flowers? The point of this tip is to notice the beauty around you. We are so often are running from one place to another and miss out on so many pretty things, so yes I suggest you stop and smell the roses.

All these tips do is give us a quick break in the day to slow down, turn off the distractions, and tune into nature. I know in turn this will have us all feeling happier and less stressed out, which I know I could often use. It’s so awesome to leave work now and still have hours of sunlight left in the day. I always feel more productive when there’s natural light out so use these tips and get the most out of your day. Happy Spring!

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2 thoughts on “4 Tips How to Connect to Nature When You Have No Time

  1. I might start driving with all the windows up. But then I’ll see someone enjoying the warmth and breeze and the windows come down! I keep a few hair accessories in the arm rest at all times just for this. Like a buff or clips. At a stop I’ll bust out the quick hair out of my face moves and turn up the tunes:)

    1. I LOVE thinking of you doing this! :) Driving with the windows down and music up is so much fun! Hair in the face is totally an “issue” for me too, LOL. I’m going to take your advice and put a hair tie in my center console, thanks!

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