4 How to Tips to Create an Eco Bed

This past week here in San Diego we finally got some rain and it was not only good for the land (here in California we desperately need it), it was also a good reminder to me that we are in our last full month of winter. The colder weather had me cozying up in my bed and although I don’t have an amazing non-toxic all natural fiber mattress, yet ;) I have made some smaller purchases to make my bed a wonderful eco sanctuary and in just a few simple steps you can too!

The average person will spend 33% of their entire life sleeping. When I read that a few thoughts came to mind. First, I LOVE sleep! I pride myself on being a champion sleeper so my percentage is likely going to be higher and I’d better make my waking hours awesome! Second that having my bed be free of as many toxins as possible will significantly improve the over all health of my life and our planet.


  1. Change your sheets
    No I am not talking about what your Mom told you to do every week or so but to literally change them out for a more sustainable fabric. Just think about it, if you are spending 7 to 9 hours a day on average in your bed you should work on replacing the fabrics you are cuddled up with each night for something healthier. I have two sets of sheets, one is made from eucalyptus that I got from Bed Bath and Beyond as a wedding gift (thanks Mom!) and the other set is from Target, they are made from organic cotton. Both are great eco alternatives to chemical and pesticide ridden traditional cotton sheets.
  2. Wash Your Bedding with Chemical Free Laundry Soap
    No big purchases necessary for this tip. Switching from traditional detergents to a chemical and perfume free alternative will dramatically lessen the amount of chemicals you are breathing and that are being absorbed through your skin.  My favorite is Seventh Generation eucalyptus and lavender but here’s an article that compares six different kinds of eco detergents if you’re not sure where to start.  Two extra eco gold stars for switching are, eco detergent is more biodegradable therefore lessening water pollution and it works the best in cold water, the most energy efficient way to wash your bedding.
  3. Upgrade Your Pillows
    This tip is important for many of the same reasons as changing the types of sheets you are wrapping yourself in.  Conventional pillows offgas some toxic chemicals such as flame-retardants. As you guessed they are some pretty nasty chemicals to be breathing in all night long. Thankfully there are lots of alternatives and I’ve tried a lot over the past years, my favorite are these Eucalyptus Origins. Check out GAIAM for some other great organic cotton and wool options. I hope they help you drift off to dreamland sweetly.
  4. Clean Your Mattress the Eco Way
    I LOVE essential oils for oh so many reasons but today I want to share with you this awesome article that I found about a year ago. It is a great step by step guide to cleaning your mattress so it smells super fresh, plus it kills dust mites…a big win in my book. All you will need is some lavender oil and baking soda. I’ve done it twice so far. The fresh smell lasts about 3 weeks and it feels so good crawling into bed knowing there are not creepy crawlies in there too.

I hope that you will give these a try and allow yourself to fully rest and enjoy our last full month of winter while lessening the exposure of toxic chemicals for yourself and our planet.

Peace & Love,




6 thoughts on “4 How to Tips to Create an Eco Bed

    1. Yeah so glad to hear! Lavender is my favorite, but watch out your naps are going to become even more epic if you’re cuddling up with a lavender eco bed…LOL!

  1. Thanks Alyson! I like the Target price for sheets better. :) I’ll def look into it. I’m gonna search for a more manly scent than lavender. Seeing as we’re in SoCal I wonder if there’s a sage…

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