BIG News from March!

Well as promised in my last post, the reason I was a bit MIA in March was because Tyler and I bought our first home in North Park San Diego!

March has always been one of my favorite months because it’s my birthday month and the start of spring! This year I turned the BIG 3 0 and if that wasn’t enough change and reason to celebrate six days before my birthday we got the keys to our new home :)


It has been a whirlwind of an adventure moving into our new old house (Our home was built in 1924 making it 90 years only, 30 doesn’t sounds that bad anymore ;) ). We have so many projects to customize our little slice of paradise that I’ve been a bit overwhelmed. Needless to say I’ll have plenty to post about now. Look forward to some great articles about green home improvements and of course how to balance it all while living an eco-lifestyle filled with fun.


In the midst of all the moving and house buying craziness my wonderful Mom, Sister and baby niece came down to San Diego and took me out to the Hotel Del for a beautiful gluten free vegan lunch complete with champagne! It’s kind of hard to believe I’m 30 but I must say this next decade is off to a fantastic start!

Peace & Love,


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