Book Review: Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver

Barbara Kingsolver Flight Behavior

Do you ever wonder how someone could still question if climate change is real? I know I do.  Barbara Kingsolver is by far my favorite fiction writer and has been for years. Her novels are full of research and historical accounts that she then uses as a base for her fictional stories. She is an environmentalist and advocates for sustainability. I’m a big fan of her’s to say the least. If you are ever looking for a novel with strong female leads that have an element of nature connection I highly recommend any of her books.

Flight Behavior is a story centered around the effects that climate change has on a struggling family in the Appalachian mountains. Read the official book review here. What I loved so much about this book is that climate change often feels so large you don’t always see stories being told about how it affects people on a micro level. This story reveals the dominant culture of the Appalachia and how it is common place to not believe in “Global Warming”. The main character Dellarobia is a young mom of two struggling with her own identity and finds herself in the middle of her family, community and even national media attention because of what climate change brought to her family’s property.

Science doesn’t tell us what we should do. It only tells us what is.”

Although this book is fiction Kingsolver lives in the Appalachias and it gives great insight into why someone could believe climate change is not real but also shows how with respect, experience and explanation those views can be changed. It left me feeling a bit hopeful which the subject of climate change does not often do.

Reading Barbara Kingsolver flight behavior


If you are looking for a book to read I cannot recommend this book enough. Have you read it or anything written by Barbara Kingsolver? I’d love to know.

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    1. So true Deena! I love that you have already read it! She is such an amazing author. I wish she would publish her next book already, I need a new read ;)

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