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Sorry for the long delay from my last post. I have some exciting news that will explain my absence in my next post. Thanks for understanding and I hope you enjoy this one! xox

Do you ever feel guilty when you’re out to eat and you need a to go box then they bring you the huge white styrofoam clamshell with a plastic bag to up it in? Well I do! The thing I dislike the most about being an environmentalist is the guilt that seems to come with it from time to time. I want to care for our wonderful planet and live in joy while exploring all it’s beauty. I think living in joy does not include getting upset when I want to take leftovers home.


My husband and I were out last month when this happened to me and I remembered that in college (yes my more radical days but some good solutions nonetheless) I carried a medium size Tupperware with me when I would go out to eat. We gave it a try again, and you know what, Bringing Your Own Tupperware totally fixes the guilty dilemma! I know it might sound over the top but hear me out. Not only are the to go containers an unnecessary waste they also don’t keep your food fresh or air tight. I have been guilty of coming home and repacking leftovers in a Pyrex or Tupperware to keep it fresher longer. Why not just skip that step and do it right at the restaurant?  If you don’t want to eat the same thing two days in a row you can throw it in the fridge and not worry about it getting all dried out. This past month was a learning process for me trying to BYOT, but that’s what it’s all about; making small easy changes that add up in the end. Unlike my collapsable grocery bag that I always keep on me, I have been much more forgiving if we have forgotten a container when we’ve gone out to eat. We are both learning but we are already getting more into the habit, and Tyler loves the time it saves at home not having to repack food for the next day!


What I learned from BYOT:

  1. You will not always remember to grab your Tupperware on your way out and that’s OK.
  2. You might get some strange looks from your waiter while you are packing up your leftovers in the container you brought.
  3. The times I did remember to BYOT, I felt like an eco badass!
  4. I loved having my lunch stay fresh, packed and ready to go for the next day or two.

Give BYOT a try! Its a simple way to cut down on some unnecessary waste and it eliminates some of the unneeded guilt that sometimes comes from wanting to care for our planet.

Peace & Love,


9 thoughts on “Bring Your Own Tupperware – BYOT

  1. What a brilliant idea, but I would never expect anything less of you. That isn’t pressure, just to tell you how I admire your fantastic ideas. These take home boxes are usually my issue when eating at a Mexican or Chinese restaurant. Guilty…….but not anymore!

    1. Aunt Patti you are so kind! Thank you so much, your encouragement means a lot. Plus I’m super happy to hear you are going to give BYOT a try!

  2. I do it! Like you I don’t always remember but there’s always one in the car. I actually use some containers that I got at fancy restaurants so I’m sort of double recycling. :)

  3. When I lived in the midwest I used to frequent a fantastic organic / gourmet market at the end of my street that had a killer “hot food” deli area and I would bring in my own containers when purchasing hot items. (If I remembered) I loved that! I didn’t have to do it again once I got home, or repack it for lunch! So much easier! The only trick is to remember.

    1. Totally remembering is key, but hey awareness is the first step :) That market sounds so awesome! I love that you were already doing this.

  4. Love it! Been meaning to do so for a while. This might be the push to remind me to do so. Now I will just need to focus on controlling my gorging habits.

    1. Thanks! So glad to hear it has inspired you to give it a try! Good luck with trying to see if you ever have left overs to take home, I’ve seen you eat…hahaha :)

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