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Travel by Train

Driving less and walking more is one of the main reasons Tyler and I bought the house in the neighborhood we did. I see driving less as key part of living green. With carbon dioxide being the leading cause of climate change anything we can do to drive less is needed and helps.

Driving less for me often means walking to shops, the yoga studio and restaurants in my neighborhood, jumping on my bike and peddling to places that are over a mile away, carpooling, or using public transportation. There are many options, be creative and have some fun changing up your routine of always thinking jumping in you car first is your only option. This is one of those harder green living habit changes. Trust me, I get it being born and raised in Southern Californian where peoples cars are a part of their identity, but driving less is healthier for you and the planet. It’s totally possible to do even if it’s just some of the time. You don’t have to sell your car and become a hardcore bike commuter but finding alternatives ways of getting around some of the time is something we all could do.

I made plans last month to visit a friend up in Los Angeles for the weekend. I was going to be traveling solo and since I didn’t want to drive my car through LA traffic the 250 miles round trip, I looked into taking the train instead. I love taking the train it’s so much fun, super relaxing, the views of the ocean are amazing and the leg room is unbelievable, I wish airplanes gave us half that much space.

I put together a short vlog of my weekend trip to LA , the train ride and some of the things I did while I was there, like going to Moon Juice and taking a Soul Cycle class. It was so nice visiting a great friend and knowing I was reducing my carbon footprint by traveling on the train that weekend. Added bonus was it added more adventure and joy to my trip.

My challenge to you is next time you think you have to jump in your car to get somewhere take 30 seconds to see if you could walk, bike or take a train instead!

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3 thoughts on “Car Free Trip to LA – Travel Vlog

  1. Yasss!! Every little bit that we can do to save this planet is great! I totally agree. I miss rising a train everywhere like I did in Jersey! Love your vlog! Keep spreading awesome tips!!

    1. Thanks Rachael! It makes such a difference when you live somewhere that invests in the public transportation making it easier to use more often.

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