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Last month everyone was in back to school mode and I am very happy to say there is no “back to school” for me this Fall. With all the Crayolas on sale, photos of cuties in backpacks with big smiles in my news feed on Facebook and the recycled lined notebook paper at Target I couldn’t help but get into the back to school mood.

When I was at University in Santa Cruz California I made this great DIY project with my environmentalist club. We made our own notebooks out of reused materials. Although I don’t need one for school it’s always nice to have a notebook around and I wanted to do it again.


It’s a fun way to create less impact while getting everything you need to head back to school (or make a new journal/notebook). Plus it is fun and creative outlet where you can show your style or create a vision board full of your dreams. It’s way easy which is great because I’m not super crafty. You most likely have everything you need at home already or will only need to pick up a few very inexpensive items.


What you will need

One sided printed paper (schools and offices are great place to get this. It’s usually in their recycle bin…hopefully)

2 or 3 silver rings (depending on size of notebook)

Old magazines

Glue stick


Cereal box

Hole punch

You first start by deciding what size you want your notebook to be. Then you cut the paper to the desired size (leaving in in 8½” x 11” is easiest no cutting required). Then hole punch the paper along the edges.



Next open up your cereal box to cut to the size needed to create your front and back cover. Then hole punch each one to line up with the holes in your paper.



Now for the FUN! Use your scissors, glue and old magazines to make a collage for the front cover.




Now that you have all the pieces complete you are ready to put it together and enjoy!


Sport your notebook at school, work or home and know that you extended the life of some paper and cardboard beautifully before it got tossed out. BOUNS it’s totally recyclable once you’ve filled it all up with your assignments, hopes, tasks, dreams and lists. I hope you give it a try and let me know what you think.



8 thoughts on “DIY School Notebook or Journal

  1. OMG! Perfect timing for this. I was just cleaning out a closet last night and found a binder with a bunch of paper in it. I put it my scratch paper stack, while silently thinking how much handier it would be to have it in a notebook. I love notebooks and use them often, more so than I use loose paper. This is perfect and I do have all the materials I need at home. I even have some clear contact paper that I can use to laminate the cover. Thank you!!!

  2. Today I find at least 50 pages of white paper my husband is going to recycle. I think of alyson’s cute note pad. I look in the trash for other items I could use. Bingo! Now I have a note pad of half sheets of paper :-D

    1. I love reading this! I’m so glad you made one and that you had everything you needed at home. Thanks for sharing your photos on Facebook it was so cool to get to see what you made!

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