Earth Day – A Different Way to Celebrate

Beach Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! As I’m sure you would guess I LOVE this holiday! So many awesome community events and awareness campaigns all focused on helping improve the well-being of our beautiful planet, it’s just awesome. I honestly try to live like everyday is Earth Day. I’m always thinking about how my decisions are effecting the planet in a positive or negative way. I could easily make an Earth Day list about things to do to live more green like recycle, bring your own cup to the coffee shop, bring your own bag to the grocery store, line dry your laundry and on and on (which I think I will make for you all very soon).  But since it’s a holiday I figured it would be better to share some different ideas to really celebrate, have a bit of a party and have some fun in honor of Earth Day! I shared some ideas below to get your creative juices going about what you could do today that is outside, doesn’t negatively impact the environment and has you sharing an Earth Day adventure with someone you care about.

I truly feel that if people don’t have fun in the outdoors, if they don’t feel a connection to nature then why would they ever care about living more sustainably? I mean really if you can’t remember the last time to stopped to watch the sunset or enjoyed a great day in your local park then why would it ever cross your mind to make changes in your day to day life to care for something you feel no connection to? This lack of connection to nature that many feel now days makes me so sad, but I know that we take care of the things we love and the more someone loves the outdoors the more they will want to protect it. Having fun and remembering how good it feels to be outside is the first step in the direction of getting people to care about living more sustainably. I want so badly for everyone to realize how good it feels to put down the phone for a bit and go enjoy a day outside. What better day to do that on than Earth Day? Ok ok ok I’ll get off my soap box about this…for now ;) because it’s time to celebrate!

Have fun today and invite a friend or family member to join you. If we lead by example and not by preaching we will get more people to care for our plant and see that being an environmentalist is not just a “good” thing to do but it’s fun! So go have fun, tell me what you do, tag me in your photos and let’s celebrate our big blue planet in a sustainable way today! :)

Hipster with bike Earth Day

Option A: It’s spring so dust off your bike after work and cruise around your neighborhood, feel the wind on your skin and see your local surroundings with new eyes. Before you head out hop on Yelp and look for a local restaurant you maybe have never been to for dinner before. Invite a friend to ride their bike and meet you there. Toast to Earth Day with a glass of local beer or wine in your hands. You can feel good about spending your money locally knowing that you are supporting your local economy and that by riding your bike your impact on the environment was far less than if you drove to eat at a conventional restaurant.

Beach sand and surf

Option B: Fill up your reusable water bottle and go for a nice walk in your local park, on the beach or trail and watch the sunset. Invite a friend, say, “Hey lets go spend some time outside to celebrate Earth Day.” Everyone likes to be invited to go an a mini midweek adventure. Bring a Mary Oliver poem or some other great nature writer along for the walk and read a bit out loud to each other.  Head back to your place once the sun’s gone down and cook up a yummy veggie dinner (my friend Dani has an amazing blog with tons of vegetarian recipes) I promise you wont miss the meat. Eating vegetarian even just one day a week can significantly reduce your impact on the environment and have the side benefit of being great for your health. So give it a try today.

I hope that these two options inspire you to get outside and share Earth Day with someone, in whatever way sounds fun to you. Start building the foundation of enjoying the outdoors and you’ll find it easier to live like every day is Earth Day.

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