The Green Living Guide For Back to School

7 Necessary Green Living Back to School Items

This time of year I always start hearing the back to school buzz. I use to love when my mom would take my sister and I shopping for all our back to school supplies. We would load up with paper, colored pencils and of course Lisa Frank folders. It was always so exciting, the new things, all the potential that the new school year had ahead and getting to see friends that you didn’t see during the summer. Now as an adult I can’t help but feel that same getting back to business energy. I love to use that getting back to work vibe at my job and here on the blog to help be more productive.

There are so many options when you go to shop for your school/office supplies and best of all it only takes a little extra effort to make sure the items you buy are as sustainable as possible.  These green living back to school tips totally apply to your work desk as well. Why not get inspired by the back to school vibe and update your desk at work with some awesome green products?

I’m super excited to share these items with you, they are some of my favorites. If you’re sending little ones off to school I’d love to see photos, please tag me, little kids with big backpacks on is one of my favorite things. :)

7 green living Back to school must haves

Green Living Back to School Must Haves 

  1. When you head out shopping make sure to buy post-consumer recycled paper. It’s awesome that recycled paper is so easy to come by (why all paper is not made from recycled paper I will never understand). Double check that it says post-consumer recycled paper and not just that it can be recycled. I’ve seen on some paper products the recycled sign printed big, making you think it’s made from recycled paper but sadly it is not. They are just advertising that the paper can be recycled…lame.
  2. Or better yet, instead of buying a notebook of recycled paper make your own from upcycled items and of course recycle it once you’re done with it. This was the first DIY project I ever did on the blog, I would make these all the time in college. 
  3. Get your hands on some of these awesome water bottle pens. I’m sure by now you know how much I can’t stand single use plastic water bottles. I absolutely love when companies reuse water bottles to make something new out of them. These pens can be recycled, they look cool (they’ve been a total conversation starter multiple times and are a great way to share about green living with others), they also work super well.
  4. Make sure all your lunch packing items are reusable. No more need for single use plastic baggies try these out instead. I really like this set of reusable cutlery and of course pack your lunch in reusable tupperware. I use Pyrex and love being able to heat up my lunch in glass, not plastic. You can even go crazy and throw in a reusable napkin while you’re at it;)
  5. A big part of green living is reducing your carbon footprint. One way to do that is thinking about how you are getting to school or work. Consider greener alternatives, like joining a carpool, starting your own carpool, taking public transportation or riding a bike. Doing one of these alternatives even just one day a week would make a big difference.
  6. Find a sustainably made backpack (fair trade/organic/hemp/etc.). I don’t own one but now having seen how stylish they can be I’m thinking I need one, this one looks pretty cool. If you are in need of a new pack you should check out an greener option.
  7. Lastly don’t forget to start your day off right with a green smoothie.

I hope you all have had an awesome summer and are ready to get back to school in “green” style!
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2 thoughts on “The Green Living Guide For Back to School

  1. I bought that very EstWst backpack recently and every time someone asks me if I’m excited about going back to school next week, I say, “I got a new backpack!” I’ll let you know how it holds up. :) Thank you for these resources. I just spent about an hour reading about sustainable pencils. Based on reviews, General Pencil Company Cedar Pointe seems like the best quality made-in-USA-from-consciously-maintained-resources option, if that helps anyone out!

    1. That is so awesome! I loved it’s style and how it was made. I’m looking forward to hearing how you like it. PS these pencils sound super cool and you are my eco hero for doing so much research into what to buy. The world needs more people like you Angela! xo

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