Minimal All Natural Travel Makeup – Video

minimal all natural travel makeup

Over the long Thanksgiving Holiday weekend Tyler and I road tripped out to Sedona, Arizona to spend the weekend hiking and exploring the town. While I was there I had to get some new makeup so I filmed this short video on minimal all natural makeup that’s perfect for travel. That way on your next trip you can pack less while using healthy green beauty products.

The best part of travel is exploring a new place, seeing beautiful things and having fun while feeling great. Wearing a bit of makeup totally helps with that last part, but I’m not about taking more then 5 minutes to do my makeup, because I want to be out exploring. Lets be honest I pretty much feel this way everyday about the makeup I wear ;) If it’s not quick and easy I’m not a fan. Having a limited selection to choose from makes getting ready that much quicker!

I found some great new all natural green beauty products while in Sedona.  I’m happy to now have them all packed up permanently in my toiletry kit ready for the next adventure. Below are links to the minimal makeup kit products.

It’s so beautiful in Sedona, if you’ve never been, you have to add it to your bucket list of places to travel. The city is really fun and the scenery is outstanding!

Sedona Hiking and minimal travel makeup. DSC07924

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8 thoughts on “Minimal All Natural Travel Makeup – Video

  1. Hi Alison,

    Great video. “End of Trail”? Just be Cathedral! I lived in Sedona for three months this summer and had a blast!

    I hear you on the holistic make-up issue. Awesome recommendations. I also blog on holistic products and topics. We should be in touch (us holistic ladies got to stick together, ya know?)

    You must have shot this video just before the snow storm… It looks nice!

    1. Hi Lori! You are so lucky to have lived in Sedona over the summer. I totally dreamed about what it would be like to live there while I was there…it’s just so beautiful! That photo was at the top of Cathedral rock hike but we kept going, hehehe I had to get closer to those rock spires, they are just so awesome!
      I would love to stay in touch I totally agree it’s so nice to find others on this same path :) Thanks for asking!

      1. Yes! Let’s keep in touch! I’m doing some organic beatify stuff soon and will keep you in the loop! :-)

        Sedona is such an awesome place to live. Let me know when you go back and I can make recommendations. Swimming in the streams in the summer is a must… if you haven’t done Bell Rock, I can put you in touch with Peter Allen Gerstein. It’s his personal mission to take as many people up there as he can (he’s well into the thousands by now…) and you could stay with him for free through couch surfing.

        When you did Cathedral, did you find the gray rock pile? That’s the “vortex.” If you keep going to the left after the “end trail” sign you can get to the echo chambers. It’s beautiful. If you hang out around that way long enough, you could find a local to guide you there – they are nice like that!

        1. Lori I would love for you to keep me in the loop for your upcoming organic beauty works…sounds exciting! Also thanks for all the Sedona recommendations; when we go back I’ll be sure to hit you up for some advice! :)

  2. The last thing I want to spend time doing when travelling is my make-up. Of course, some situations do require you to look at least semi-decent, but I mean.. there’s so much to see and do, why waste my morning applying my face? :P
    This is a great post, and all-natural is a tick in my book. :)

    Christie’s Take on Life. x

    1. Thanks Christie! I’m glad you enjoyed it and I totally agree by minimizing your makeup you can get out the door and on your way to enjoying all the great things there are to see and do…which is totally the point ;)

  3. Love Sedona! Need to get back there soon. Thank you for the makeup suggestions. I have been wanting to replace mine with natural good stuff but hadn’t found the time to do the research for making the switch. You helped me skip a step. I am also of the minimal makeup way of thinking, even for every day wear. Love your vlogs! Keep them coming.

    1. We had such a blast in Sedona it’s just so beautiful there! I love that you are all about using minimal products in your life! :) I’m so glad you found this helpful. If you ever have questions about brands before you buy let me know. I love researching these things I’m totally a green beauty nerd, hahaha!

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