Miracle Worker Course Review

Miracle Worker Review

As a kid I remember asking my Dad all the time, “What’s my talent?” I wanted to be good at something, feel like I had a gift. It seemed like all my friends were always super talented at art, reading, writing, making music or singing. I’ve always been an introspective person, even as a child I was wondering what I would be and do when I grew up and how to use whatever my talent was to the best use of my abilities.

The core thread throughout my life as far as a passion goes has always been loving nature and wanting to do my part to protect it. As a kid I would go around the neighborhood collecting cans to be recycled and building bird houses out of milk jugs trying to do my part to “save the planet”.

All I ever wanted out of a career was to feel like the work I did was having a positive impact.  I wanted to never become complacent in the work that I do. This is without a doubt one of the main reasons for starting this blog. ;)

That desire to find how I can best be of service and to love what I do everyday continues to be a driving force in my life. Back in April when I came across a course call Miracle Worker created by Gala Darling (one of my favorite bloggers) and Ellen Fondiler, a career coach, I knew I had to sign up!

Miracle Worker Course Review

These two women’s combined resume is super impressive and diverse. When I read that the 8 week course was all about finding/creating meaningful work and how to gain the skills to land your dream job, I singed up without even talking to my husband about it. I knew it would be great and I’m thrilled to say I was not disappointed.

I wanted to share this course with you because like me you might also feel that if you’re working for 40+ hours a week you should love it, life’s to precious not to.  The course is running again starting Sept. 7  and going through Oct. 30.

Miracle Worker Review

For a detailed overview of what the 8 week course entails check out their web page, here. I could go on and on about all the things I loved and gained from this course but here are just a few highlights:

  • How to really be effective at networking. I’ve had coffee dates with people from amazing companies that I would have had no idea how to reach out and set up before this course. These meetings are so insightful and inspiring. I’m grateful I’ve learned how to set them up with success.
  • How to interview like a champ.  I feel so confidant now; still nervous but confidant. We spent a week on interview skills and it was beyond helpful.
  • Meeting new friends locally and online. The Facebook group for this course was off the hook, it was so active and supportive. I was lucky that there was another woman who also lived in San Diego. We met up and hit it off, now even though the course is over we still hang out. I also still text every night with another amazing woman I met through the course.  We share something we are grateful for each night and we continue to support each other in going after our dreams…YAY new friends!
  • I gained so much clarity about my skills and what I really desire out of a career which is key to finding your best next step.
  • Confidence in fighting the fear. When we go to make any change in our lives fear comes rushing in. I was reminded that careers change, they ebb and flow and that it’s natural. Finding one thing and sticking with it forever is not for everyone so don’t be afraid to try something new. It doesn’t mean you’ll have to do it forever, if you don’t like it you can learn from it and change paths again.

If you too have a desire to love the work you do and if that is currently not the case with your job you should check this course out.

Simply Alyson Peace & Love



I’m an affiliate for the Miracle Worker course because it’s amazing! I paid to take the course myself and would happily recommend it without any personal gain, but if you sign up through the link of this website, I will receive a commission, which I would be grateful for. 



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