My Month in Photos – November

November was nothing short of magical. There are so many small and big things to be grateful for during this past month all about giving thanks. This month was full of adventures, family and friends just like I like it!  

I’m grateful for cleaning out my closets and making some money!

Tyler and I cleaned out our home (which feels so good) and we had a joint family yard sale. I was raised doing yard sales with my mom so I’m a bit of a veteran but this was one of Tyler’s first. I think by the end of the day he saw that value in throwing out a blanket with our unwanted things and making some money before we just drive everything to be donated. Of course I hope this goes without saying next time you purge please donate your items and don’t throw them away. Give them another chance at life by donating them and remember not to donate broken electronics (that’s not very nice), take them to an electronics recycling center.


I’m grateful for two camping trips in one week!

One of my trip was on the coast they other in the desert, I love camping!  I feel so good after so much time outdoors. I felt more happy, way less stressed and more productive at work during that following week. These trips were a good reminder of how helpful spending time in the outdoors really is.

Two selfie's two camping trips :)
Two selfie’s two camping trips :)

I’m grateful for being a part of a great community that cares!

I got together with some awesome co-workers and we participated in a fun hike/trail-run/ Mountain Bike event that was all about raising money for a wonderful local San Diego non-profit, Outdoor Outreach. Outdoor Outreach helps get at-risk youth into the outdoors; surfing, snowboarding, mountain biking, rock climbing and hiking. How cool is that?! This event raised over $30,000, it feels so good to have been a part of it. I highly recommend finding an event or group that gets you excited and join in! Being apart of the solution feels so much better than standing in the sidelines focusing on all that is wrong in the world.


I’m grateful for having a childhood dream come true!

Being raised in Southern California I have been very lucky to have gone to Disneyland more times than I can count :) To me it’s not quite the happiest place on earth but it’s pretty darn close and going during the holidays steps up the magic even more. It has been a dream of mine to stay in the Disneyland Hotel since I was a little girl and this past month it came true! Sometimes when you’ve wanted something for so long and it finally comes true we get scared it won’t be as good as we thought it might be but let me tell you I’m happy to say this could not be farther from the truth, it was nothing short of *magical*.  I mean the headboards lit up and played music, there were Mickey’s heads all over the room, there was a beautiful view of the park and mountains, fresh flowers in the bathrooms and the list could go on and on. I think it’s ruined me, now I want to say in the Hotel every time we go…yikes!



I’m grateful for a fun filled road trip!

Road trips are one of my favorite ways to see new places. The cliff notes version of our Thanksgiving weekend road trip is this: 3am, we hit the road on a bonzai trip from San Diego to Benicia, for an amazing Thanksgiving dinner with family, next day wine tasting in beautiful Napa, followed the next day with a trip down the coast to Cambria with stops along the way in Santa Cruz and Big Sur, and the last day a tour of Hearst Castle and a leisurely drive home *whew*


I hope you all had an amazing month and had time to reflect on all you have to be thankful for.  

Peace & Love,



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