My Month in Photos – April

I truly cannot believe April is over. I have pretty much been go go go with projects and unpacking at the house, so this month seriously flew by. If it wasn’t for pulling my phone out to snap a few photos I’m not sure I would remember all I did.

Stopping to enjoy the Spring time abundance while grocery shopping one day this month.
Stopping to enjoy the Spring time abundance while grocery shopping one day this month.

I took the train up to LA to celebrate the engagement of a dear friend. I loved not having the stress of driving and finding parking plus the views are amazing as the train travels up the coast. We had a blast that night!   IMG_2540 We have been going non stop at the house since we moved in it kind of blows my mind to think about all we have already done. Here are the main highlights; painted the living room and bedroom, installed recessed lighting and crown molding in the living room, cut out a cupboard in the kitchen and installed a different one, completely redid all the lighting in the hallway and breakfast nook, installed an attic ladder, insulated and laid plywood in the attic so we could store all our camping gear. Tyler has truly been my house hero, marrying a carpenter was a very smart choice. PhotoGrid_1398866226307 It was nice to take a break from the house and be with family on Easter. Getting to watch my baby niece egg hunt for the first time was so much fun (I took more photos than should be allowed, she’s just so adorable).


Thankfully we got some April showers and before the May flowers appear I have been enjoying how green everything is right now. This photo is from a hike I went on in one of my favorite urban parks, Mission Trails.


The true highlight of my month was going back up to LA to see Gabrielle Bernstein at Golden Bridge Yoga Center for a two day event for her new book Miracles Now. The first night was a lecture with a Q&A and the second night was a meditation and Kundalini yoga workshop (totally mind blowing amazingness) I will be looking up where to do Kundalini yoga locally. Some of the main words of wisdom I received are; Progress over perfection, your presence is your power and make time for stillness because all the answers and guidance we hope for is already within us. Prayer is when we ask, meditation is when we can hear the answers.


I hope you all have had a wonderful beginning of spring!

Peace & Love,


4 thoughts on “My Month in Photos – April

  1. All of the pictures are beautiful, however I think you know which are my favorites. Elena is so adorable, as you said. What a fun time watching her hunt for Easter Eggs. When I drive in to see Dave, I want to come and see you two and your new home. I am sooooo excited.
    I must add, I LOVE the photos of the beautiful flowers. If I had a yard, it would be full of flowers, although I know succulents would be much better. I have several of those now! You are doing amazingly well even though you feel you missed all of April. Look at what you have accomplished, especially this blog!! :)

    1. Thank you so much! We would love for you and Dave to come see our place…that would be so much fun. Let me know next time you’re down and we’ll set it up :)

  2. Your April looks beautiful and your niece is adorable! Here’s to an even better, May, eh?! I know a lot of people, including me, are having a rough start. Hope everything is going swell for you!

    xo Ashley

    1. That is so kind Ashley! Thank you. So much good has been coming into my life lately. I hope the same is true for you!

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