My Month in Photos: February

I love my little blog and the space it provides me to reflect on the past month.  To give thanks for the month and to share it with you! Our modern lifestyle is so fast paced and go go go that there is hardly time given to reflect on the happenings and accomplishments of our lives. Much of living an eco-lifestyle, for me, is really slowing down and loving all the simple gifts life has to offer. Below are some of my favorite parts from February.

We went camping for my brother-in-laws birthday in Anza Borrego State Park. Spending a weekend in nature with loved ones is the best! Tyler and I have been camping out there for 5 years now and have never seen a Big Horn Sheep. That all changed with this trip, Birthday magic was on our side! My dream of getting to see this awesome creature came true. I was truly a happy (more like ecstatic) camper!


If you read my post on Valentines Day about my DIY gift idea then you know how much I love holidays! Below are a few of the sweet treats I received during the holiday and yes that is a robot valentine from my sweet silly husband.


Tyler and I took a trip to Seattle to visit our good friends. We had a blast! Four days of exploring the city, parks, wineries, islands, restaurants and of course getting to hang out with our friends. One of my favorite things to do while I travel is to see how each city has it’s own spin on trying to be more sustainable and Seattle is no exception. They have taken some incredible steps to support lessening the cities impact on the plant. Keep a look out this month for my green review of the city.


During the month of February I was working my way through Gabrielle Bernstein’s book “May Cause Miracles.” It’s a 40 day practice of daily, morning and evening exercises such as, mediation and journaling. If you are looking to increase your happiness and positivity I HIGHLY recommend picking up this book.  Give it a try, I’m sure you won’t regret it.


At work I’ve been planning an event at a local park in the spring. It’s been an amazing blessing to be able to have these breaks form my desk to be able to go out into nature and walk the trails, talk with rangers and brainstorm how to make the event a success. I’ve loved these moments this past month. It’s a great reminder of how good spending time outdoors really makes me feel. I always feel  calmer, less stressed, more awake and ideas flow more freely than when I’ve been stuck inside all day.


I hope you all had a wonderful February too!

Peace & Love,


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