My Month in Photos – January

January was a month of ups and downs for me. The beginning of a new year brought new energy and excitement while a loss in my family made me take some time to reflect on what’s important and crave even more time outdoors and time with family and friends.

Tyler and I have kept up our tradition for 7 years (only one year not doing it due to having walking pneumonia) of going for a hike on New Years Day. It’s typically an easy, sunset hike due to partying the night before, but it’s an amazing way to start the year off; connecting with nature and making that a priority on day one.


Enjoyed my inspiration/guidance cards with friends. I love Outi Harma’s art, check out her Etsy shop.


Spent some time reflecting at Sunset Cliffs. This is one of my favorite places to walk along the coast here in San Diego. When I need a place to process this is my go to spot. Working through emotions and thoughts seems easier when we have a quite place in nature to process. Think about a local place you love to be outside, even if it’s your backyard or a walk around your neighborhood. Go there next time you find yourself thinking about the same distractions or situation over and over and let some time outside help clear your mind.


My kindhearted Aunt Patty passed away, she lived a full love filled life (here’s a good throw back photo. She’s the woman on the left rocking the impressive big red hair and that handsome young guy in the background with his eyes closed is my Dad)


We bought an adventurer mobile!


My wonderful friend Dani came from New York for a visit. It was awesome catching up with her while enjoying brunch, yoga, lunch at the beach and drinks out with the girls. Dani has an amazing food and craft blog! I’ve used it for inspiration and yummy veggie recipes many times. Check it out here: Gliter Spice, I know you’ll love it!


There was lots of family time this month! Time with my adorable baby niece, celebrating my mom and brother in-laws birthday’s and getting to steal my sister (a new mom) away for some adult time at a great bar in Downtown Pasadena.


I hope January was a wonderful start to the New Year for all of you!

Peace & Love,


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  1. Great photos chica! I’m sorry for your loss, but I’m happy the new year has been treating you well! Miss you lots my friend. Luv ya!

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