My Month in Photos – October

One of my favorite parts about smart phones is being able to snap a photo whenever the mood strikes. I love being able to share photos on Instagram and look back to enjoy random and meaningful moments from the past. So I thought I would start each month with a photo filled post from the past month.

October is one of my favorite months all year! Although San Diego shops and stores are filled with just as many pumpkin flavored things as everywhere else the weather is nothing close to traditional Fall weather; which is fine by me I love the warm sunny days. I love the cozy nights, the slow down after a busy summer, celebrating our anniversary, volunteering, spending time outside with family, organic farm and pumpkin patch visits, and of course dressing up for Halloween.

Celebrating 6 wonderful years of being in love with the most amazing view of the San Diego skyline.
Celebrating 6 wonderful years of being in love with the most amazing view of the San Diego skyline.


Tyler and I went horse back riding with my parents out in the foothills and got to spend the day among the mountains and vineyards.


I believe so strongly that a part of feeling not as overwhelmed by the state of the environment is by being an active part of the solution. Volunteering is an easy, effective and local way of giving back. I was able to volunteer with over one hundred and fifty San Diegans at the border with Mexico helping to clean trash out of the Tijuana River that flows into Borderfield State Park.



I got to meet the Executive Director of The California State Parks Foundation, Elizabeth Goldstien, at a public hearing for the California State Parks Commission. I was very excited to meet her since I have been reading her writtings in my member news letter for the past few years! At the public meeting I got to voice my opinion about the state parks for the first time in a public forum. Civic involvement is equally as important as volunteering in preserving the environment.




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