Palm Springs Vegan Date Shake Recipe

vegan date shake

Tyler and I took a road trip to Palm Springs last month to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. I have learned to love the desert because of him and usually we go camping when we head east to the desert. This time instead of continuing on to Joshua Tree National Park or taking the tramway up to hike Mount San Jacinto, we stayed in the city. We got a place near downtown, right off of South Palm Canyon Drive and spent the days by the pool and the evenings walking around the city.

Side note: this is where I discovered my new favorite pool sippin’ drink is kombucha. I kid you not, it’s perfect; it’s cold, bubbly, a little sweet and super refreshing. If I could drink beer I would but Kombucha is now a close second. You should totally give it a try this summer. This is my favorite brand so far and I love that they started in California.

We walked all around the downtown area exploring the restaurants, bars and shops. In this part of the desert every dessert shop and most restaurants serve date shakes, with palm tree lined streets it seems fitting.

Now if you didn’t know this I LOVE dates, they are so good, I think they are nature’s candy. Next time you eat one close your eyes and think of a Milky Way bar, I promise it tastes just like one (disclaimer: Tyler thinks I’m nuts when I say this, but I know it’s true ;) Dates are awesome, super sweet and packed with fiber, so they don’t spike your blood sugar like say a real Milky Way bar would.

It was HOT in Palm Springs, 100+ degrees, the thought of drinking a cold sweet date shake sounded wonderful. While we were exploring the downtown it’s all I wanted. I walked into the first shop I saw with a sign outside advertising date shakes and asked if they could make a dairy free one. Sadly no, was the answer I got there and at the next three places I asked. I was so bummed. I even started to think about just ordering one, dairy and all. I mean heck we were celebrating right? Sometimes it’s really hard to miss out on something because of your diet but the thought of dealing with a big acne breakout for the next week kept me on the hunt. Thankfully there is Yelp always at our fingertips, and I found this amazing vegetarian cafe that not only had great food (we went there for breakfast the next day and I got gluten free berry french toast) they also made a delicious vegan date shake. YAY victory was mine!

vegan date shake

Since our trip to the desert, I’ve been loving on dates even more and wanted to try to recreate this amazing date shake. I’m super happy to say it’s pretty darn close. Give it a try this Summer when you’re craving ice cream. I’d bet this will satisfy your craving without all the dairy and sugar that goes with it. Plus it’s so easy to make, it’s only 4 ingredients.


  • 3/4 cup vanilla cashew or vanilla almond milk
  • 6 to 8 pitted medjool dates – Really needs to be medjool dates. These are the bigger, stickier, sweeter ones.
  • 1 frozen banana – Needs to be frozen to give it that creamy shake like texture.
  • 3/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 handful of ice


  1. Add all ingredients in the order listed above into a blender and blend until creamy.
  2. Pour into a cup and enjoy!

I hope you give this a try and one day you get to enjoy one in Palm Springs.

Simply Alyson Peace & Love




4 thoughts on “Palm Springs Vegan Date Shake Recipe

    1. Me too Suzy they’re the best for helping with sweet cravings. Let me know what you think once you make it. I hope you love it!

  1. I made this today as an afternoon snack and it was SO GOOD. Totally refreshing and satisfying but I didn’t feel weighed down the way I would after a shake made of ice cream. You are awesome!

    1. YAY! This makes me so happy to read :) It’s totally a great summer afternoon snack, I’m glad you felt great after making it!

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