Phone Free Camping Trip – Trail of 100 Giants

sequoia trees california camping

Sequoia’s are by far my favorite tree with the Ancient Bristle Cone coming in as a very close second. Over Labor Day weekend I went on a camping trip to a new spot I’d never been before in the Sequoia National Forest.

For me such a big part about green living is getting outside and being in nature. It cams down the nervous system which I don’t know anyone today that couldn’t benefit from that. It can re-ground us reminding us why living green is important and why putting in a bit of effort to reduce our impact in our day to day lives really matters. This trip was no exception I came back feeling really relaxed and even more inspired to continue to live in this way.

I love living in San Diego but hands down it’s biggest down fall is how far away it is from the Sierras. If it’s wasn’t for LA heading up to the Southern Sierras would totally be doable in a weekend but since LA doesn’t seem to be going anywhere ;) my trips to the Sierras are now reserved to 3 day weekends and vacation road trips. For Labor Day we hit the road before sunrise and started on the 6 hour drive north…I love a good road trip!

sequoia trees california camping

I’ve been to Sequoia, Kings Canyon and Yosemite National Park all great places to see the giant Sequoia trees but it’s super hard to find campsites in these parks especially on a holiday weekend. Personally as much as I love these parks I did not want to be in them during a super busy weekend. The busy parts of them can feel like a trip to Disneyland; not quite the peace of nature I so look forward to.

Tyler did some searching earlier in the summer and found this area called Trail of 100 Giants and of course with a name like that knowing the Sequoias were the giants I was all in!

Due to the drought (tips on saving water here!) there was no water at camp we had to bring all our own . We have one of these so we don’t have to buy lots of plastic 1 and 2 gallon jugs from the grocery store before we go. I totally recommend it. Even when we camp in an area that does have water it’s just nice to have it in camp for washing dishes and hands and refiling water bottles.

We were meeting friends there that we hadn’t seen in over a year. Camping is the best way to catch up and spend time with people you love because there’s no modern day distraction. There was no service at the Redwood Meadows Campground where we stayed. Which meant for 4 days 6 people had nothing to do but catch up, hike, read, take naps and enjoy each others company. It felt so good to be away from my phone for 4 days. When we got home I turned off the notifications from all my social media apps so my phone is not constantly calling for my attention. I still have them all on my phone but now it’s up to me to open them to see whats going on. I found since turning off the notification I’m on my phone way less and in my life more which makes me more happy. :) I totally recommend it, just give it a try this coming weekend and let me know what you think. I bet you feel more relaxed by the end of Sunday night.

sequoia trees california camping
The cell phone free crew!

Pro’s and Con’s of this area

  • Let’s start with the positive shall we? It’s beautiful! SO many trees, I loved that we were surrounded by Sequoias just like I was hoping for.
  • We drove out to Dome Rock which is a great spot to enjoy a long lunch at. You walk up on to this large outcropping of granite and overlook the entire area. For as far as I could see there was nothing but trees and granite.
  • The camp ground is small only 13 sites (Do not book campsite 11 if you go and try to get site 7 or 8). It was super quite which was awesome. I’ve never been in a campground so quite, it felt like we were backpacking.
  • Half of the sites are yurts they have beds in them (you have to bring your own bedding) and picnic benches outside. They’re $70 a night but looked really nice.
  • Now for the few con’s. The main downfalls of this spot is there was very minimal hiking in this area. There was the trail of a Hundred Giants but it was paved,  although it was gorgeous to walk among the trees, paved trail is just never as good as a dirt one. We did find a trail behind the campground but it didn’t really go anywhere special. It was a nice place to go for a walk under the trees and we didn’t see anyone out there. Now the Hundred Giants trail was a different story it was packed on Saturday and Sunday with people driving up form the Lower Kern River to come and check it out. Luckily since our campground was across the street we could walk it in the morning or at sunset with hardly anyone else around.
  • This campground is also right next to a meadow so I’m assuming in non drought times it could be pretty buggy but I didn’t see one mosquito which I was totally happy about.

Below are some photos from our trip! I’d love to know what your favorite tree is! Lets talk about how rad trees and camping are in the comments below. :)

sequoia trees california camping
Couldn’t be happier!
Camping breakfast
We don’t hold back when it comes to cooking and camping.
Tent sequoia trees california camping
My second home
Sunrise yoga
Campground morning yoga
Treehugger for life
Sequioa Roots
Roots of a fallen giant

sequoia trees california camping

sequoia trees california camping


Dome rock
Stacking karins
sequoia trees california camping
Love to you all!

Simply Alyson Peace & Love






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