Shake and Fold to Save Paper

If you’re like me you love to learn new things and TED talks are amazing for just that. I saw the video below a few months ago and was very intrigued. If you haven’t seen it yet I think you’ll really enjoy it (plus it’s less than 5 minutes long).

Who’s guilty of using more than one paper towel after washing their hands? I know I was before I watched this video, no worries if you did too. Living and learning is what it’s all about. Changing our behavior now that we know better is what’s important. The presenter claims that hundreds of thousands of pounds of paper towel waste would be saved if all Americans did the simple shake and fold technique. It’s easy to do and that is why it’s so awesome! Be careful if you have any loose rings on, they might go flying when shaking your hands. This advice may or may not come from having one of my rings fly across a bathroom. When I first watched this video part of me was thinking, “he probably doesn’t get his hands totally dry” and I can’t stand that almost dry clammy feeling. I wanted to see if the videos claims stood up to the test.

For the past few months I’ve been doing the shake and fold technique and with the exception of the trifolds (I find even with folding they are just too thin and fall apart in my hands, so I have to double them up) it works SUPER well.  Simple actions that have big impacts, are great and they get me very excited. I just had to pass it along!

Have you seen this video before? Are you going to join me and jump on the shake and fold bandwagon to help save paper? I’d love to know what you think!


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