Top 5 Eco Holiday Gift Ideas – Video

Top 5 Eco Holiday Gift Ideas.

Happy Holidays! This weekend I enjoyed my neighborhood’s 52 Annual Holiday Parade and stared my gift shopping; I’m assuming you are doing the same (hopefully including enjoying a quirky neighborhood holiday tradition too).

After the parade I was inspired to make the video below sharing my top 5 eco gift ideas for this year. Giving green is definitely a part of living green. You’re going to spend money buying gifts anyways right? So why not buy something from a sustainable and/or local company? It just makes sense and it’s an easy way to lessen your impact on the environment. Check out the video below and let me know what your favorite green gift ideas are. I’d love to know because I still have shopping to do.

Click here for the DIY Salt Scrub recipe.

If you’re also decorating, check out this post I wrote about how to get your home ready for the holidays the green living way. Tag me in your Instagram photos if you try any of these tips, I’d love to see them in action. Tyler put up our LED holiday lights this weekend, it makes me so happy to see them and all the others throughout the city lit up. :) I hope you are enjoying the beginning of the holiday season too!

potted Christmas tree

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