Travel Tips for Staying Healthy

All natural travel tips to stay healthy in Morocco

I LOVE travelling! I have been blessed/cursed with the wanderlust spirit. I just got back from an amazing 10 day trip to Morocco! And I’m proud to say I stayed healthy before, during and after my trip. If you’ve ever gone on a big trip you know what a feat this is. Traveling can be really hard on the immune system. Battling the time changes, the stress leading up to when you leave, eating different foods and of course the plane rides all can take a toll on your health.

All natural travel tips to stay healthy in Morocco

Nothing like the stress of preparing for your trip and getting everything set to leave your work for an extended period of time to bringing on a cold. The worst is once you finally have time to relax while away on your trip you get sick. Lets not forget the “it’s time to get back to work” cold; making your return to reality that much harder. All of these scenarios suck and they have all happened to me. Thankfully not this time! I believe it was the steps below and the products that I used that made all the difference.

All natural travel tips to stay healthy in Morocco

  1. If you are traveling to a very different time zone take an extra day off before you leave and when you return. I know this is not always possible with vacation time, but if you can, it will make a big difference. You will be less stressed leading up to your trip knowing you have a whole day to finish packing and tie up any loose ends. A day at the end is the best, if you can only do one extra day, this is the one to do. You can begin to adjust back to your time zone, go grocery shopping, do some laundry, unpack, upload and look at your photos. The extra day will help start your week off right, easing you back into work.
  2. Drink TONS of water! Drinking water is great for so many reasons. Staying hydrated, boost your energy, flushes your system and will keep you immune system working at it’s best.
  3. Don’t nap when you land. After 26+ hours of travel all I wanted was a shower and the bed.  We landed around 2pm and kept ourselves up by taking a little walk, unpacking a bit, making a plan for the next day and a taking a shower before we finally went to bed around 8pm. We slept through the night, woke up in the morning and had no problem adjusting to the different time zone.
All natural travel tips to stay healthy in Morocco
The final time from the timer we set when we left San Diego to when we arrived in Morocco…it’s kind of far away!

All Natural Travel Product Must Haves

  • Vitamins and Supplements: I was taking Vitamin B to help keep my energy up for all the adventures we were experiencing each day and Vitamin C for immune system support. I also brought digestive enzymes that I would take before a meal and activated charcoal after a meal to help with digestion. Read this for a good explanation of why activated charcoal helps. Travel exposes you to a lot of food you don’t usually eat. It’s nice to give your gut some help with these supplements.
  • A Water Purifier: This is the best tool for traveling green and healthy because it allows you to fill your reusable water bottle with tap water (which you’re not supposed to drink in some places). This purifier uses UV light to neutralize harmful microbes, making the water safe to drink. I saved a ton of money and created much less waste by not having to constantly buy plastic water bottles.  It’s so nice to always have water whenever you need it.
  • Essential Oils: I plan on writing an entire blog post on essential oils and why they are key to living green, but for today I will keep it simple. I brought, peppermint, for headaches and nausea. Tea Tree for acne spot treatment and antiseptic use if needed for cleaning cuts. A blend of Tea Tree, YoungLivings “Thieves”, Oregano and coconut oil (this kind stays liquid regardless of temperature because it’s fractionated ) in a roller applicator.  I would put this mixture on the bottoms of my feet each night to support my immune system. The peppermint helped so many times, especially on an insane high speed car ride through the twisty high atlas mountains! I know it’s the only thing that kept my stomach intact.
  • Powdered Greens: I LOVE green smoothies you all know this (Click Here for a lot of recipes that I’ve shared on this blog) so I brought these powdered greens with me. I didn’t think they tasted that good, it was like taking medicine. I drank them a few times, but mostly because I knew they were good for me. Despite not loving the taste I know an extra shot of greens helped keep me healthy.
  • Sleep Essentials: Eye mask and earplugs. These were invaluable on this trip, especially when the Riad was next to a Mosque. The morning call to prayer is very early ;) Good sleep is essential to keeping your immune system in tip top shape. We typically went to bed pretty early by our normal standards which meant we got to see the city before it really got busy in the mornings. Making the adventure that much more enjoyable!
  • Be Kind to Your Sinuses: The dry airplane air, the change in climate and no access to a neti pot made traveling with this nose spray great. It really helped keep my nose feeling it’s best. It was my first time using it and now it’s a total must for travel. I had no idea it would be so refreshing and soothing during our trip.

All natural travel tips to stay healthy in Morocco

I’m sure many of you will be traveling for the Holidays, and I hope you give these tips a try. If you’ve found this article useful I’d be grateful if you shared it.

Do you have any tips for staying healthy while traveling? I’d love to know, I’m going to Sedona, Arizona for Thanksgiving and would love to try other ways to stay healthy while traveling. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Simply Alyson Peace & Love



Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor these are just my opinions please check with your doctor before taking any supplements and drinking the water in a foreign country.


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