Vampire Energy

vampire energy

Happy Halloween! I hope you all have tons of fun planned for this weekend. I love Halloween, it’s so much fun dressing up, passing out candy to kids and partying with friends and family! In the spirit of Halloween I figured there’s no better time than now to talk about green living and vampire energy. I mean really could the name be any more perfect to talk about today?

Vampire energy (or standby power) refers to all the appliances and devices that are plugged into wall sockets sucking out energy even when they’re not powered on. Take a quick inventory of your home right now, are there electronics or chargers plugged in that are not on right now or charging anything?

Electronics such as TV’s, cable boxes, DVR’s, game systems, computers (I’m so guilty of this one), coffee makers, Vitamixes, phone chargers and stereo systems all draw power even when turned off. See how quickly the list adds up. You might be thinking, “but Alyson they can’t really be pulling that much energy I have them turned off when I’m not using them.” The reality is, on average, American house holds spend $100 a year to power devices that are turned off. Yikes! This was total motivation for me to start unplugging.  Not only are we paying for this unnecessary suck of energy but generating that unused energy causes more pollution and carbon in the atmosphere,  a contributor to climate change. The worst part is no one is using the energy.

Not to worry this vampire is easily defeated all you have to do is unplug your appliances when you’re not using them. For items like your entertainment system there are helpful power strips like this one so you can easily shut off the power draw to the whole system without having to unplug each piece.

I hope this quick post has inspired you to think about making this simple change to help the environment and your bank account. Now go enjoy candy, dress up and have a blast this weekend. Hope to see your costumes on Instagram so tag me if you post one. :)

Halloween Dorothy kids custom
I couldn’t resist sharing these adorable photos of my baby niece dressed up as Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ. I can’t wait to take her to the pumpkin patch today!

Happy Halloween!!!




Photo credit: University of Tennessee


2 thoughts on “Vampire Energy

  1. I love this! Growing up my mom used to have a fit if my sister and I left things plugged in. I never really understood why should would be so upset until I had my own place and got my first electricity bill lol. Great post!

    1. Hahaha thanks Shamira. My mom made my sister and I put quarters into a jar if we left a light on in rooms that we weren’t in. Our moms were environmentalist without even knowing it. ;)

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