Why I Blog and a Favor I Ask of You

Why I blog. Death Valley

About 5 years ago I was Googling advice on reducing my waste (totally normal thing to Google, right?) and I happened upon a blog all about living zero waste. I don’t even know if I finished reading the article that brought me there because I became fascinated with the blog itself. The community it had present on it and the helpful information it was sharing was amazing. I’d never been a reader or follower of blogs until that point. I knew what they were but never really understood what they were all about; until that day. I fell in love with blogs and started reading blogs on living green, green beauty, gluten free veggie cooking, travel and meditation. I couldn’t get enough. I have made friends through some of these communities that I might not ever have meet otherwise. Lunch breaks have become even more enjoyable since that’s the time I typically read them and, of course, I have learned tons and have been inspired time and time again by these spaces on the internet.

About a year or so after I had started reading and loving so many blogs was when I began to dream of starting my own. But it wasn’t until just over 2 years ago I finally made the leap and started Simply Alyson. Sidenote: If you’re dreaming of starting your own blog just do it, you can get one set up for free and start writing right away. Don’t be like me and think about doing it for 2 years before you actually give it a try.

I’ve now been at this blogging thing for just over two years and I’ve been at this green living thing for much longer than that. I’d love your feedback. I started this blog because I wanted to create a space to share with you the steps I’m taking on this green living journey of mine in hopes it would inspire you to give some of it a try.

I always get the most joy out of blogging when I read an email or comment from one of you. I love it when you let me know you’ve tried an idea I shared, you add great information to the conversation or ask for advice. It really does make all the time it takes to keep this blog updated worth it.

I’ve never openly asked for help from you all, I’ve just been offering up what I hope will be useful to you. Today I wanted to ask; What do you want to read here on the blog? What type of posts do you most enjoy (DIY’s, product reviews, green home ideas, outdoor adventures)? I want the posts I share each week to be helpful and enjoyable for you, so please let me know what you think. I’m open to the feedback, which is not often something people ask for on the internet. I really do want this space to be one of conversation, where we all can learn and grow, including me.

I really appreciate your time. I know how busy we all are now days. Every time you stop by to read a post I know it’s very special and is why I want your time here to be valuable. Time is precious, so thank you for hanging out here with me and taking the time to let me know what you think.

Simply Alyson Peace & Love



4 thoughts on “Why I Blog and a Favor I Ask of You

  1. This friend of yours especially likes your recipes. They give me a new way to enjoy the act of healthy eating. Though you haven’t done many, I use them an appreciate them. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for letting me know Deena. It’s been a while since I’ve done a “Drink Your Greens” recipe you’re right. I’m always experimenting and drink green smoothies pretty much every day so it’d be fun to make more of those again. Perfect for the summer time! Under the “Green Living” tab at the top of the blog I’ve got a category tab dedicated to all the “Drink Your Greens” recipes ever posted on the blog. Just in case you might have missed any ;)

  2. I love so many of your blog posts. Probably my favorites are product reviews since that is such an overwhelming area for me (finding quality products that are toxin free and environmentally sustainable). I also love posts where I learn about a way to reduce my waste/carbon footprint. Sometimes these are blended into other posts, such as learning about the excess material used to ship your cold item on your first Vitacost Haul or when you posted about microbeads. Simply Alyson is awesome. I find so much value in it.

    1. Awww Kristin your comment make me so happy to read! Really, thank you! I really appreciate the feedback and will for sure keep up the product reviews (I have a lot of fun with those) and tips for on reducing waste/carbon footprint…like today’s post! I know we are both working on cutting back our single use plastic waste so maybe tips on doing that would be a good idea too. :) xoxo

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