Earth Day – Chit Chat Goal Setting Video

Earth Day Goal Setting Video

Tomorrow’s Earth Day and like any environmentalist I’m excited! I love that there’s a time each year that the majority of people are thinking about living green and what they can do to help our planet.

So let’s talk about the overwhelm that can sometimes come when you choose to live more green, the comparison game we all need to stop (myself included), how you can sometimes feel like you’re never doing enough, what to do about that and how I approach Earth Day like an environmentalist New Years. I wanted to make a chatty style video where we can just talk about some of these things. I know from your comments and the emails I receive that we all are dealing with some of these challenges in one way or another when it comes to living more green.

Check out the video. I’m looking forward to continuing this conversation in the comments below.

I hope you have a very Happy Earth Day!

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4 thoughts on “Earth Day – Chit Chat Goal Setting Video

  1. Hi Alyson,
    Loved this post! Exactly what I needed to hear. I tend to give myself a hard time for not doing more.
    My goal this year is to significantly reduce my use of plastics and eliminate disposable plastics where possible.

    1. Such an amazing goal! Right on girl! Really, I’m so proud and happy to read that. Reducing single use plastics is such an important part of green living and not an easy gold to tackle. Be easy on yourself and know that what you’re doing is having a big impact.

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